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Evidence of HIPAA Compliance Report

Crucial Evidence of Compliance includes log-in files, patch analysis, user & computer information, and other source material to support your compliance activities. The details included in this report are necessary to satisfy an auditor or investigator.

HIPAA Compliance PowerPoint

Use the HIPAA PowerPoint presentation to clearly deliver your findings. Summary information with risk and issue score are presented and include specific recommendations and next steps.

HIPAA Management Plan

The Management Plan prioritizes issues resolution based upon risk score with tasks required to minimize, avoid, or respond to risks. The Risk Management plan defines the strategies and tactics the organization uses to address its risks.

HIPAA Risk Analysis

The HIPAA security framework mandates a risk assessment as a primary document requirement of the Administrative Safeguards. In fact, a Risk Analysis is the foundation for the entire security program.

HIPAA Supporting Worksheets

A set of additional documents provides detailed information and the raw data that backs up the Evidence of Compliance. These includes the various interviews and worksheets, as well as detailed data collections on shares and login analysis.

HIPAA External Vulnerability Scan Detail Report

Detailed reports show security holes and warnings, informational items including CVSS scores as scanned from outside the target network.


HIPAA compliance is imperative to your practice's compliance, security, and overall safety for your business, patients, and employees. 

In addition to the example reports here, we also have many more reports, such as: 

Computer Identification Worksheet

Drive Encryption Worksheet

Evidence of HIPAA Compliance Report

File Scan Report

HIPAA Compliacne PowerPoint

HIPAA External Vulnerability Scan Detail

HIPAA On-site Survey

HIPAA Management Plan

HIPAA Policy and Procedures

HIPAA Risk Analysis

HIPAA Risk Profile

HIPAA Supporting Worksheets

Network Share Identification Worksheet

User Identification Worksheet

If there is a report listed you'd like to see an example of that is not downloadable here, please reach out to us! We'd be happy to provide any example report to show the level of detail we provide when auditing your business for security risks. 

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