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Meet The Cassid Group's Founders.

Mr. Stephen Sidwell is an expert in Operations Improvement with significant experience in Technology Operations.  With an extensive background in small business and startups, he is highly skilled in ensuring the long term success of his clients, through infrastructure design and management, coupled with client training. Having owned, grown, and maintained businesses of varying sizes, Mr. Sidwell has been in the same positions many business owners face through their business' life cycle. Business owners have many responsibilities, above all, concentrating on what they do best; producing superior products and services. He understands how important it is to minimize expenses on business services, yet get the most 'bang for the buck', especially on mission critical services such as Technology. 

Stephen Sidwell
Managing Partner
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Mr. Castañeda has over 30 years experience in the Technology industry. He has designed end to end Technology Infrastructure Solutions for a wide range of clients, from Fortune 500 companies to the entrepreneurs and small hometown businesses. He understands the importance of getting it right the first time, and it shows. Mr. Castañeda handles each client with the same urgency as a high powered Trading Firm. Whether it's a stock broker that cannot perform trades due to network issues, or a printer with a paper jam, he treats each issue with the same urgency. From Wall St. to Main St., Mr. Castañeda is a highly respected and sought after consultant, taking his experience in large enterprise, to the Small and Medium Size business market, helping owners and IT professionals alike, build lean, highly efficient, IT operations, cutting cost and ensuring long term sustainability.

Mike Castañeda
Operating Partner
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