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Since our inception, The Cassid Group has been totally focused on building a strategic, quality support practice.

The Cassid Group is a firm dedicated to combining the knowledge, experience, and personal & professional relationships made in the corporate enterprise environment with the entrepreneurial spirit. Technology is the life blood of all industries, and imperative to smooth operations and quick, clear, and concise communication. We rely on it more than we realize and we do not appreciate the technology we take for granted daily until it stops working. Where does the entrepreneur go when their technology stops working? Where does the small business owner go when their network is down and they cannot access the internet to obtain customer orders or create labels to ship product? That's where The Cassid Group comes in.


Coupling cutting edge technology with long lasting vendor relationships, The Cassid Group is the home of the '$15 IT Guy'. It is impractical in the modern age for a small business owner to spend thousands of dollars monthly / yearly on IT professional's salaries and benefits in small offices, in addition to the cost of software; Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Remote Access and Monitoring, etc. The Cassid Group recognizes this and has come up with an 'IT guy' solution that is both effective yet inexpensive. Not only are all software and services bundled, but we'll help you setup the right infrastructure to ensure longterm success. From internet and phone setup and savings, to custom application development, The Cassid Group offers everyone Simple.Solutions.

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