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Thank You! You read our email!

Most people would have put our email aside, but not you. You are the company Rock Star.  You've made the first step at cutting cost and increasing productivity on mission critical services. For all your awesomeness, we'd like to show you our gratitude and give you a gift; one for your company, and one just for you. This page is only available to you as a direct recipient of our email, and for opening that email and visiting our website. Just try getting to this page from our homepage; we promise you won't be able to!


For your company, we'd like to give you a network assessment.

  • Risk Summary report

  • Full Network Assesment report

  • Full Detail Change report

  • Excel Analysis Export Report


For yourself, we'd like to give you a $50 Amazon Gift Card. If we CANNOT beat your average monthly IT cost, the $50 Amazon Gift Card is all yours, in the mail, delivered, 5-7 days after we present your 'apples-to-apples' comparison. If we CAN beat your current monthly IT cost, and you decide to use The Cassid Group for all your IT needs, we'll give you a $100 Amazon Gift Card for making the right decsion.


Simply fill out the below, using the email address where you received this link, and we'll be there to start your network assessment.



Thank You! We'll email you back within 24 hours to confirm the date and time you selected.

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